Vintage Parts and Reels

Posted by Mike on 2015 Sep 30th

We carry a fairly large selection of the following manufacturers parts, many which have long been discontinued. 80% of our vintage parts supply is brand new. Occasionally we need to use a used part because of availability. If we need to, you would be notified first and given a choice. If you have a surplus of old parts or reels and want to sell them, we do buy old part stocks and reels from across the planet!

  • Shakespeare (limited, but growing) 
  • Pflueger (limited, but growing) 
  • Bronson (limited) 
  • Fiord (limited) 
  • Penn (lots of spools) 
  • Mitchell (very large selection) 
  • Ambassadeur (very good selection) 
  • Cardinal (good selection) 
  • Zebco (good selection) 
  • Dam Quick (very good selection) 
  • Shimano (limited) 
  • Probably a few others, including screws and ball bearings