My father, Mike Sr., initially took up the craft of making fishing lures as a pastime. He would spend countless hours in our basement, meticulously crafting every type of spinner and fly imaginable, with me observing in wonder. It wasn't long before visitors to our home, drawn by the quality of these lures, began inquiring about reel repair services. Suddenly, our home was bustling at all hours with people seeking parts and repairs. Despite holding a full-time job as a Heavy-Duty (H/D) mechanic, the increasing demands quickly became overwhelming for my father. Consequently, he made the bold decision to pursue his passion full-time around 1980. From a mere hobby, he managed to develop a thriving business within just a few years. He continued to run the business from our basement until he sadly passed away from cancer in 1999. Today, Mike's Reel Repair operates from a 2,300 square foot warehouse, employing five individuals. We serve customers globally, shipping worldwide and catering to both domestic and international clients. We're always ready to assist, whether your reel needs repair or you're searching for parts. Don't hesitate to reach out to us!