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My father, Mike Sr., started making fishing lures as a hobby. He would sit in our basement, and I would watch in amazement, for hours on end, and make every kind of spinner and fly known! When someone would come over to our house to purchase some of these fine lures, they would ask where they could get their reel fixed. Poof! Now we had people coming over all hours of the day wanting parts and repairs done! Well, dad still had a full time job as a H/D mechanic, and this was all getting to be too much, so he decided to go at this full time. That was around 1980.... He grew this business from a hobby to a business in a matter of years, and until his passing from cancer in 1999, still ran the business from the basement in the house! Mike's Reel Repair now operates out of a 1700 sq.foot warehouse and employs 6 people. We ship all throughout the world and have many US and overseas customers. We welcome calls from anywhere, so if your reel is toast or you need parts, give us a call!