New Customer Existing Order

If you run a reel repair shop yourself, or are looking to get into repairing fishing equipment, we have a discount for you!

Interested? Give us a call 1-604-855-1119 or send us an email below and mention you want to set up as a wholesale customer.

Below you can find out how the discount system works. It's pretty easy stuff really!

To start with, place a $300 opening order and receive a 10% discount. Bulk priced or sale items cannot be further discounted, so it's one or the other. Further orders within the year will be at a full 20% off retail. Mikes Reel Repair requires an annual minimum purchase requirement that must be met to retain your wholesale account status. Currently this annual minimum is $500.00 USD.

Mikes Reel Repair does not have a minimum per order after the opening order, but does require yearly minimums be met to ensure wholesale status remains current year to year. We reserve the right to terminate the wholesale status at our sole discretion without notice should these qualifications or expectations fail to be met.

Wholesale customers are expected to place orders in professional and efficient manner. This includes having account number and part numbers ready for sales representatives to help expedite the order process. Wholesale customers are encouraged to use the online ordering system. While we expect wholesale clients to have functional knowledge of the products, the support staff is on hand to aid in the selection of components as well as provide technical information. Mikes Reel Repair’s sales personnel will assist wholesale customers with part selection, however wholesale customers who consume an excessive amount of sales representatives time will be charged retail pricing. Only so many hours in a day, we do need to try and help all customers!

Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.

Wholesale orders are not returnable! Please be sure you order correct items.

We will need your name and address, business name and address, website and email (we use email communications alot) as well as phone number. Additional information may be requested, if needed.

The Mikes Reel Repair team looks forward to helping your business grow and prosper, thank you for being part of our team!