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Hardy LRH Lightweight Repair

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This customer sent us a Hardy L.R.H. Lightweight with the spool seized on the center shaft. In turn, the shaft spun the threads out of the body and rendered it useless as the body is no longer available.

We repaired this one by adding making a nut for the back side of the body to draw the shaft tight. The body needed to be milled to allow for the new nut. We think it turned out great, what do you think?

Hardy LRH Nut

JWYoung & Sons Avon Handle Repair

Customer brought us in an old JWY Avon Royal Supreme with a broken handle, along with a few missing pieces.We were able to machine an all new handle post, bezel and nut (hidden inside spool) for him. The result was very close to the original one!

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Daiwa Tanacom SS60 Repair

This Daiwa Tanacom SS60 came to us in need of the counter gear repaired. Issue was this is a JDM (Japan market) reel. and no parts are available for it anymore.The plastic post that keeps the reel's electronic counter had broken off. The post is cast into the electronic module and the module is glued, [...]

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Hardy Perfect Center Screw Broken?

Are you one of the unlucky few that have turned the LEFT HAND center screw the wrong way and broken it off? These screws usually break of *inside* the shaft, making it seem near impossible to back it out and replace it. If you try and manage to mangle the threads, it makes it even [...]

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Ryobi Fin Tek V-Mag 3 Servicing

Our friend the Gasping Gurami has done a nice job overhauling an old Ryobi V-Mag levelwind, check it out!https://gaspinggurami.wordpress.com/2016/12/03/servicing-ryobi-fin-tek-v-mag-3/

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Cool Repair Blog

For anyone interested in repairing, yes that means YOU.... this blog is a really good read. Not to mention it's written by a really nice fellow, this blog covers complete teardowns of various reels. A good read!Gasping Gourami - on all matter of consequence, big or smalla few links from the site:Servicing - 2015 Daiwa [...]

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The thing about felt.

Felt. That fibrous, seemingly tough material that used to be everywhere but hard to find now, now resides mostly under the furniture feet to protect your floor. Feet and drag washers....what a material lol.While felt is a decent padding material for those feet, it makes only a so-so effort at a drag material. Yes, it [...]

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"Levelwinds", old blog post from long ago

Hello everyone! I had originally posted this in the Dec/99 issue of the Reel Angler Magazine and had forgot about it for awhile. Still pertinent info to this day!- Mike Everyday someone will come into the shop with a reel that has the gears stripped out of it; and the common complaint that goes with [...]

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New website

Hello all! If you haven't noticed the new format by now, maybe you need another coffee :)First off, if you are a current customer, you will need to change your password. Passwords are one of those things that are encrypted and can't be moved, hence the need to reset it. (and a good time to [...]

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Rod Repairs

Many customers come to us with their favorite rod which they have broken in some way, shape or form with the hope that we can work a small miracle on it. In most cases we can accommodate their wishes, but in some cases, if your rod is toast or not worth fixing, we will be [...]

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