Misc. Upgrades

  • CERAMIC Pawl for Abu, Repl. PN#5176 (5176C)

    CERAMIC Pawl for Abu, Repl. PN#5176

     Here's our latest addition to our never ending quest for upgrades and speed parts, this is going to be one of those parts that will be talked about for a LOOONG time to come. This line guide pawl fit all Ambassadeur casting reels which use part...

    CAD $8.95
  • Abu Bearing Drive Shaft

    Abu Bearing Drive Shaft

    Custom drive shaft with ball bearing in the base portion. This bearing supports the bulk of the load imposed on the drive shaft as the handle is turned under pressure. Outer portion of the drive shaft is supported by an Instant Anti Reverse bearing...

    CAD $32.49
  • Abu Rocket Braking System

    Abu Rocket Braking System

    Ambassadeur Rocket Braking System This kit includes a genuine Rocket clutch washer and 2 Rocket brake blocks....some of the tiniest around! This kit will enable your Abu to spin up much faster and hold a faster spool speed while casting. Only question is...

    CAD $3.84
  • ABU 20639 SPEED BUSHING W/ BEARING - top w/brg ABU 20639 SPEED BUSHING W/ BEARING - top w/o brg


    If your Ambassadeur reels uses the 20639 centering bushing, you can now add another bearing to it! We have bored out the stock bushing to accept a 4x7x2.5mm bearing in your choice of stainless steel or ceramic hybrid. No need for a spacing washer as we...

    CAD $16.89

    Abu 7000 High Speed Gear Kit - 5.5:1 Ratio

    We have found a supplier to make these gear sets for us! This kit will change the gear ratio of your Ambassadeur 7500, 7500CT, BG7000HS, BG7000HSN High Speed series reel to 5.5:1 (stock was 5.3:1). This will give you a faster retrieve. Add a Carbon Drag...

    CAD $38.94
  • Abu "Oil Nut"

    24589 HANDLE NUT "OIL" ENGRAVED 5000 - Sold individually Ok...now here's a rare item! Everyone is looking for these old style chrome handle nuts stamped 'OIL' on them. These are new, factory original handle nuts from Abu...not sure how old they actually...

    CAD $8.61