Tools, DVD's & Decals etc

Here you'll find some basic hand tools for cleaning and dis-assembling your old favorite, schematic DVD's and repair manuals! Not to mention a few of our own custom made tools that you can't find anywhere else!
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    Precision Oiler Precision Oiler -  Protective cap installed

    Precision Oiler

    Precision Pocket Oiler This machined aluminum oiler has a plunger to allow for extreme precision in getting your favourite lubricant exactly where you want it   Features: Machined aluminum body and cap Rubber o-rings at both ends to seal the...

    MSRP: CAD $14.99
    Was: CAD $12.99
    Now: CAD $9.99
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    Abu IAR Clutch Bearing extractor / installer set Abu IAR Clutch Bearing extractor / installer - Bearing mounted on tool

    Abu IAR Clutch Bearing extractor / installer

    *** New and improved design! *** After being asked a million times how to install or remove the Abu Instant Anti Reverse Clutch Bearing in the side plate, we decided to make a dedicated tool for the job. As seen in the photos, the tool properly supports...

    MSRP: CAD $19.95
    Was: CAD $25.94
    Now: CAD $14.95


    Highly polished steel, this pick will become one of your go-to items constantly. Double ended, one side has a rounded hook and the other a sharp bend to get into hard to reach areas. They are so handy, we use them in the shop for things like: Removing...

    CAD $5.14
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    3 pc. Brush Set

    3 pc. Brush Set

    We use these brushes for cleaning on a daily basis. The NYLON head brush can be used for general cleaning on finished surfaces like bare aluminum or to clean crap out of gear teeth without harming them. The BRASS head brush can be used for brushing side...

    Was: CAD $2.59
    Now: CAD $1.49
  • Boca Spool Pin Pliers Boca Spool Pin Pliers - Jaw closeup

    Boca Spool Pin Pliers

    These spool pin pliers will prove to be an invaluable tool whether you use them one or twice, or every day like we do! Easily press out the drive pin on both casting reel and spinning reel spools, and press them back in too. The compound action makes...

    CAD $50.64
  • 6 pc Tweezer Set

    6 pc Tweezer Set

    We have found these tweezers to be absolutely indispensable in the shop. They get used almost as much as our screwdrivers! Small screws can get placed in holes without having to use 'fat fingers' and springs can get stretched to fit over posts without...

    CAD $9.04
  • Shimano Pawl Tool Shimano Pawl Tool

    Shimano Pawl Tool

    Ever have a Shimano baitcast reel that has a stubborn, stuck pawl inside the line guide? Well, instead of beating your reel on the table to unstick that pawl, get one of these tools. Not only will it help remove the stuck pawl, but you'll be able to keep...

    CAD $6.50
  • Okuma 19020002 Multi Tool

    Okuma 19020002 Multi Tool

    Ever go looking for a Torx bit to fit your reel? Seems almost impossible to find the right one, or once you DO find it, to keep in somewhere you can find the darn thing again.Well, look no further. This tool has all three popular sizes of Torx bits as...

    CAD $15.59
  • 9232 Saltwater Combination Tool

    9232 Saltwater Combination Tool

    This is an actual Mitchell tool, from old stock long ago! There are quite a few of these we have found, all in their original boxes. Would make a great addition to any Mitchell collector or for use in your tacklebox for minor emergencies :)

    CAD $9.04


    A rare find! We have had this manual for awhile now and decided to offer it to the public. Manual is bound and protected between plastic covers. There are 28 pages full of reel schematics, part descriptions, and the allmighty interchangeable parts list...

    CAD $29.95
  • 10 Pc Diamond File Set

    10 Pc Diamond File Set

    ***THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.  COMING BACK SOON*** 10 piece Diamond File set in plastic carrying case. There are files of all different shapes for all sorts of different uses. We use them for deburring metal or plastic and shaping parts...

    CAD $12.99