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Ported Idler

Abu Dual Bearing Idler Gear Kit

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USD $19.95

***DISCONTINUED*** please see our new, upgraded idlers here -->Super Ported Idlers<--

Now available with Porting or without (standard). Ported version weighs 2.09grams, original weighs 2.49grams....almost 19% weight savings!

We have successfully added 2 stainless steel ball bearings to an Ambassadeur idler gear. Custom machined in house, we have made these idler gears to fit 2 ABEC 7 bearings (supplied), which effectively increases idler speed giving you a longer, smoother cast. Idler will fit a multitude of reels from 4000 up to 6600 size. This includes most all classic style round Ambassadeurs. Original gear part number is 5152 and this kit replaces 5152 Idler gear and 19373 Spool gear. Also replaces 23404 and 23403 idler and spool gear from newer reels. This kit includes: Idler gear machined for bearings, spool gear, 2 stainless bearings and a 4490 c-clip in case you lose it or don't have one.

See videos below for old idler gear removal instructions AND the Spin Test video! 

Please note: these idlers will not work in a few models, such as th UC series which take the 23293 idler gear. (the teeth are a different profile)