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Reel Parts

Fishing reel parts from almost every manufacturer, all available in one place! Be sure to use the Schematics link located to the left of this text to find the part numbers you require, then search for them right above. If we can be of any help in assisting you, please give us a call toll free 1-888-404-1119 or shoot us an email.
Please note: The items you view on this website are listings for parts, not our actual inventory.

  • Abu Garcia Parts

    Abu Garcia Parts

    This section now contains Abu Garcia as well as New Mitchell, Shakespeare and Pflueger reel parts as they are all owned by the same company.
    Abu, Abu Garcia or Ambassadeur...whatever you call them, they are probably the best know reel company in the world. Now consisting of Ambassadeur, Mitchell, Shakespeare and Pflueger, the part numbers listed here will cover all 4 brands. Older Mitchell is separately listed under Mitchell Parts in the left hand side column. In here you can get everthing available for their reels!

    Be sure to try our new section located on the left menu called "Order by Model". It is still in testing phase...if you like, let us know and we'll expand it!

  • BFR/Leeda Parts

    BFR/Leeda Parts

    BFR (British Fly Reels and Leeda) were one of the largest fly reel manufacturers in the world up until about 2004 when their operations in the UK stopped completely. There were rumours that the company was relocating their machinery and moulds overseas in search of cheaper labor, but to our knowledge this has not happened. The parts we have on hand are the last bits and pieces with no more to come. If you need a spare part, get it now before they are all gone!

  • Browning Parts

    Browning Parts

    The Browning name has been around for a long time, and so have their reels. The parts we have are the ones made by Zebco, but still carry the Browning logo and name. For this reason we have moved all Browning parts into the Zebco parts catalog. We still have some OLD Browning parts but they are not listed yet. Give us a call for something specific.

  • Okuma Parts

    Okuma Parts

    We carry a huge selection of Okuma fishing reel parts. If there is something you need that you don't see here, please email us or give us a call...chances are we either have it in stock or can bring it in for you!

  • Peetz Reel Parts

    Peetz Reel Parts

    Hailing from Victoria, B.C, Canada, these guys have been around for a long time, producing some of the finest mahogany and brass reels around.

  • Penn Parts

    Penn Parts

    What can be said about one of the longest running reel manufacturers around? Lots! Penn Fishing Reels produce some of the finest fishing reels around.

  • Shakespeare Parts

    Shakespeare Parts

    Shakespeare Fishing is now owned by Pure Fishing. As such, all the newer parts will be listed in one section under Ambassadeur Parts. This catalog contains mostly older parts.

  • Zebco Parts

    Zebco Parts

    This catalog covers Zebco, Quantum and Martin reel parts.

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