Humminbird Fishin Buddy Battery Pack - 8 'AA' (FB BP2)

Humminbird FB BP2 Fishin Buddy Battery Pack - 8 'AA' New Style

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CAD $22.04

FB BP2 Battery pack for Humminbird Fishin Buddy Max series including Max and Max Di.

**Holds 8x 1.5v 'AA' batteries**

This product has yet to be released by Humminbird but we have custom made these to keep you fishin! Our new version has a longer plug wire that makes it easier to plug into that small space under the cap. We have added a bit of di-electric grease to the plug to aid in fighting corrosion, and twisted the wires to fight electrical noise and make the unit stronger. This is a plug and play item and fits exactly like the original...only better!

*may come with a white or black color plug, depending on stock...same thing just different color :)