New website

Posted by Mikes Reel Repair on 2016 Jan 11th

Hello all!

If you haven't noticed the new format by now, maybe you need another coffee :)

First off, if you are a current customer, you will need to change your password. Passwords are one of those things that are encrypted and can't be moved, hence the need to reset it. (and a good time to make sure it's a good secure one too!

We had decided on some change to keep up with the times and the website seemed like a good place to start! This new software is very user friendly and is viewable on all mobile devices as well. This new site will load faster, be viewable in darn near any browser, and be as secure as they come. So it won't matter if you're shopping from the US, Australia, or China, speed and availability will remain constant.

One of the major improvements we made was to integrate the schematics into the main website. This should keep everything neat and tidy. And for those that still prefer the old way of doin things, we left the schematics site up and intact, just moved to a new location.

You'll notice when you log into your account there are a few changes as well. Now you will have better use of the ship-to addresses, nicer layout of past orders, and a very useful messaging area to communicate with us about you order.

We hope these changes are as exciting for you as they are for us. As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions!