Trolling Motor Leaking?

Posted by Mike on 2015 Aug 30th

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Line behind prop're out on the lake, fishing is good and life is awesome. Then your trolling motor dies... then you have to row.... fishin buddy says he's done with ya. Could this breakdown been avoided or at least staved off for another time?


The number one reason for electric trolling motor failure (according to a whole bunch of years of service work, performed by yours truly) is water intrusion into the motor itself.

99% of the time this is caused by fishing line getting caught in behind the prop and cutting up the two front armature seals that keep the water OUT of the motor. That fine monofilament seems just the right diameter to work its way into those seals. Imagine that. Sometimes the line will get caught up, twisted into a tight bunch and actually break the prop pin off, rendering you dead in the water unless you have a spare pin on hand.

How can this situation be avoided? Easy. Remove the prop after every trip and check for line! Even every time you come into shore. If you're like me, you gotta go in for *something* cuz you either forgot it or buddy did, or it's just lunchtime. Check it then, only takes a minute. One of these days, you'll be glad you did!