Time to tune up your ice auger

Time to tune up your ice auger

2022 Oct 1st

School has started, leaves are just about to start turning, and the cold...it's coming quickly too. Time to get the old ice auger in shape for the up and coming ice fishing season. Don't be one of 'those guys' that waits till the morning of a trip to see if their equipment is working. Do it now!

As these machines aren't all that complicated, anyone with a bit of basic skills can do wonders with maintenance.


As blades dull, it takes more power to drive them through the ice...more power = more gas or more battery use. Not to mention the wear on the motor and transmission. Keep blades properly sharp and they'll make your day easier.


If your auger is tough to start there could be a few different things to watch for. If you still have gas from last season in the tank and didn't add any stabilizer to it, dump it out and add fresh, clean, winter gas (if available). Gas collects water and we don't want that. When mixing gas and oil, use a premium oil. Cheap oil can have undesired effects when burnt. Why take a chance over a dollar difference...the stuff goes a long way anyway. Don't cheap out.

Check the starter rope for frays. If you see any, change it out. If the rope doesn't return all the way into the recoil, it usually means the recoil is shot. These can be purchased as a bolt on item and are easily replaceable.

Spark Plugs

As there is only one spark plug for your ice auger, it makes it super easy to change the plug out. Check manufacturer specific specs, or the proper plug number will be written on the plug itself. Again, these are an inexpensive, throw away maintenance item that should be checked at the very least as part of a maintenance schedule.

Air Filter

While commonly overlooked, this item can bog down your auger and cause it to lose power if dirty. These air cleaner elements are usually made of foam and can be blown out with compressed air or just replaced as an inexpensive maintenance item. The foam collects oil and dust and can get gummed up.

If you're running an electric auger, check the blades and go fishing!

There you have it..a simple maintenance plan for your Ice Auger :)

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