Rod Repairs

Posted by Mike on 2015 Sep 30th

Many customers come to us with their favorite rod which they have broken in some way, shape or form with the hope that we can work a small miracle on it. In most cases we can accommodate their wishes, but in some cases, if your rod is toast or not worth fixing, we will be up front with you and let you make the choice on how to proceed. As these types of repairs are time and labor intensive, the costs can vary greatly. Please don't send us your rod in a dozen pieces and all shattered after it flew out of the back of the truck on the freeway!

Some common rod repairs:

  • Replacing of Guides
  • Re-wrapping of Guides
  • Replacing Reel Seats
  • Replacing Cork or EVA Grips
  • Repairing of broken blanks
  • Refurbishing of old rods and newer rods alike (we refurbish quite a few bamboo rods)
  • Addition of decals and custom messages written on the rod