Orvis DXR 9/10 Drag Knob Repair

Orvis DXR 9/10 Drag Knob Repair

Posted by Mike on 2019 May 9th

This reel came to us with a stripped drag knob and center shaft....the customer couldn't set the drag without the knob slipping. If you have an older reel or a sentimental piece of equipment, we might just be able to help. Give us a shout!

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As parts are no longer available we needed to make a new drag knob and set new threads on the shaft. 

The two drag washers were changed to carbon fiber which will be smoother and last longer than the original cork washers.

The old knob was about 27mm across, the new one measure about 29mm and has a larger knurled surface to grab onto, allowing for more drag pressure.

Finished product!