Daiwa Tanacom SS60 Repair

Daiwa Tanacom SS60 Repair

Posted by Mike on 2017 Nov 16th

This Daiwa Tanacom SS60 came to us in need of the counter gear repaired. Issue was this is a JDM (Japan market) reel. and no parts are available for it anymore.

The plastic post that keeps the reel's electronic counter had broken off. The post is cast into the electronic module and the module is glued, screwed and fused together! After cutting around the perimeter and separating the two halves and exposing the electronics, we had to make a post and nut to fit the gear and mount it in between the sensors for the magnetic pickup. 

The job went smoothly and the reel works like a dream now. It even has carbon fiber drag now!

Tanacom SS60 broken post

Tanacom SS60 IC Module

Tanacom SS60 sensor board

Tanacom SS60 counter gear post & nut

Tanacom SS60 counter gear fixed