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ABU 2500C / 2600C SPEED BUSHING - End view


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USD $12.95

This speed bushing is to replace Abu part number 10251.

The 10251 is a plastic bushing that is no longer available from the manufacturer.

We designed this bushing to be very friction only touches the spool pinion at the very end, just enough to keep it in place and spinning freely.

This is a super simple install. Remove the left side plate and 10251 bushing. Put the spool gear on the shaft and attatch the side plate. Put the new Speed Bushing in and adjust the spool tension cap as normal.

Fits the following known models:

  • Abu 2500C
  • Abu 2500CI
  • Abu 2500CIAR
  • Abu 2600C
  • Abu 2600CIAR
  • Possibly others