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Fishin Buddy Repairs

Fishin Buddy Repairs

Do you own a Humminbird Fishin Buddy that is in need of repair? We can help!

We have been repairing these popular units for years now...everything from broken mount to replacement battery packs and replacement power cables. This is a common item as the power cables that corrode are not available from the factory. Read on below for tips for your Fishin Buddy!

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Humminbird Fishin Buddy Battery Pack FB BP 770029-1

Humminbird FB BP2 Fishin Buddy Battery Pack - 8 'AA' New Style

Fishin Buddy Handle BRH1 - New Style

Humminbird BMB2 Fishin Buddy Mounting Bracket


Fishin Buddy tips and tricks

Does your sounder turn on for a brief moment then shut off? Maybe it runs for a few minutes then dies. A common mistake made by Fishin Buddy owners is either using the wrong batteries, or not replacing ALL the batteries in the pack. If you see 3 batteries when you open the case up, there are actually 6 batteries (3 top and 3 underneath). If you see 4 batteries, you actually have 8 that need replacing (again the batteries are top and bottom). When replacing batteries in these units, you'll need to make sure that you use 1.5 volt AA batteries, not 1.4 volt like some rechargeable batteries are. If you do the math, 6 batteries at 1.5V equals 9 volts. 6 batteries at 1.4V equals just 8.4 volts...barely enough to turn the unit on let alone power it for any length of time. The same goes for the 12 volt (8 AA battery units)....8 x 1.5V = 12V....8 x 1.4V = 11.2V...


We can repair the following models:


  • 110
  • 120
  • 130
  • 140C
  • 160
  • 165
  • 170
  • 175
  • 180
  • 185
  • 190C
  • 197C
  • Fishin Buddy Max
  • Fishin Buddy Max DI





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