Penn 532-800 Lower Power Cable Retrofit Kit

Penn Downrigger 532-800 Lower Power Cable Retrofit Kit

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CAD $116.99
PEN 532-800 RETRO

Penn 800 series downrigger lower power cable retrofit kit with twist-locking design.

The original Penn cables are no longer available but we have a solution with this system. To install, remove the plug on the cable attached to the downrigger and wire the red & black into the retrofit plug. We have pre-wired the female part of the plug already for you and have left the end of the new cable without connectors as every boat will have a different application than the next.

We pre grease these plugs to help in corrosion protection with a dielectric grease.

The female plug has a built in platform for mounting and a rubber cover for when not in use.

This kit includes:

Male plug portion that you will attach to your downrigger

Female plug portion with attached 2-wire cable. Cable is approx 32" long

Screw kit with 2 wood screws and 2 bolts with nuts & washers. You decide which you want to use.


***NOTE: The original Penn downrigger cable had 4 wires in and black for power, and green and white for a remote switch usually mounted on the dashboard. As we have found 99.9% of customers never used the remote switch feature, we eliminated the confusing extra wires.

When cutting the old plug off the downrigger, just cap or tape off the green and white wires as you will only need the red (Positive) and black (Negative) wires to power the downrigger. As such, this kit will not work if you are using the remote switch feature. You can contact us as we may have a solution for that setup as well.***