Motorguide Transom Mount Latch Pin Assy - Brass Pin

Motorguide Transom Mount Latch Pin Assy - Upgraded

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CAD $32.49

Now you can choose between Brass (stronger than stock), or 316 Stainless Steel (very strong)!

After years of seeing the stock MCK10601 Latch Pins break, we decided to make our own, stronger pins. These new pins are made from solid brass or 316 stainless steel and are Loc-Tited (thread locked) onto the MCK02401 Latch Bar so it will not fall out again! Included in this kit is the following: MCK02302 Red End Bumper (CK023-02) MCK10601 Latch Pin (CK106-01) MAK04601 E-Ring (AK046-01) MCK01401T Spring (CK041-01) MCK024-01 (CK024-01)

Installation: To install this pin assy, remove the red bumper, e-ring and spring. Slide the pin and bar (remember they are thread locked together!) into the underside of the column support part way then slide the spring onto the pin. Slide the pin all the through the column support and put the red bumper for the fun will need to compress the spring towards the bottom about an inch to expose the e-ring groove. May take a few tries to do it but once you expose the groove, just snap the e-ring into place and you're done! The second picture has the pin in place (no motor or rest of mount shown). Column support (black part) not included.

Here is a link to the appropriate schematic for this mount. The Quick-Stick version uses the same latch pin assy.