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Humminbird XNT 920 Transducer, no temp

Humminbird XNT 920 Transducer, no temp 710214-1

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USD $60.99
HUM XNT 9-20

XNT 9 20 Transom Mount Transducer, no temperature. (for temp use Humminbird XNT 9-20-T Transducer 710198-1) New transom mount transducer design. Single/Dual Beam, 20/60 Degree, 200/83 kHz. More secure, especially at high force of waves. Improved running angle and an optional lock down screw to override the kick up. NO TEMPERATURE WITH THIS TRANSDUCER. For Use with PiranhaMAX 210 PiranhaMAX 215 PiranhaMAX 220 PiranhaMAX 210 Portable PiranhaMAX 215 Portable PiranhaMAX 230 Portable 141c 161 Combo 917c Combo 957c Combo 957c Combo NVB 957c Combo CHO 957c Combo NVB CHO 1157c Combo 1157c Combo CHO 1157c Combo CHO 1157c Combo NVB 1157c Combo NVB CHO 343c 363 Combo 383c Combo 525 383c Combo 343c Portable 383c Combo Portable Matrix 12 917c Combo CHO 917c Combo NVB CHO Matrix 97 Sonar Matrix 97 Combo 787c2 Combo CHO Matrix 97 Combo CHO 535 787c2i Combo NVB 565 787c2 Combo 787c2 Combo w/o GPS 575 580 Combo 595c Combo 787c2i Combo 717 727 CHO 747c 757c Combo HDR 610 HDR 610 P may not be exactly as shown Part # 710214-1