Humminbird AS HHGPS - Handheld GPS Connection Cable

Humminbird AS HHGPS Bare Wire GPS/NMEA Connection Cable 700030-1

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CAD $58.37

AS HHGPS Handheld GPS Connection Kit 700030-1 Handheld GPS Connection Kit includes: NMEA connection cable, Y cable and detailed instructions. This connection kit requires the handheld GPS manufacturers NMEA data cable to complete the connection to your handheld GPS.   For Use with 1155c Chartplotter 1155c Chartplotter NVB 1157c Combo 1157c Combo CHO 1157c Combo NVB 1157c Combo NVB CHO 1197c SI Combo 1197c SI Combo CHO 1197c SI Combo NVB 1197c SI Combo NVB CHO 717 717 CHO 727 737 747c 747c CHO 755c Chartplotter 757c Combo 757c Combo CHO 767 Combo CHO 777c2 777c2 CHO 785c2 Chartplotter 785c2i Chartplotter NVB 787c2 Combo 787c2 Combo CHO 787c2 Combo w/o GPS 787c2i Combo 787c2i Combo NVB 797c2 SI Combo 797c2 SI Combo CHO 797c2 SI Combo NVB 917c Combo CHO 917c Combo NVB 917c Combo NVB CHO 937C DF CHO 955c Chartplotter 955c Chartplotter NVB 957c Combo 957c Combo CHO 957c Combo NVB 957c Combo NVB CHO 967c 3D Combo 967c 3D Combo CHO 997c SI Combo 997c SI Combo CHO 997c SI Combo NVB 997c SI Combo NVB CHO Matrix 12 Matrix 47 3D Matrix 97 Combo Matrix 97 Combo CHO May not be exactly as shown   Part # 700030-1