Hardy Repairs

Hardy Reel Repairs

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We can repair your Hardy Reel! This particular St. Aidan was dropped or fell on and cracked the outer rim. We were able to fasten the rim back together and machine to look nice again. From a broken spool back to a loose rivet, to a new handle post, to a broken frame, we can do it! Hardy parts are extremely tough to get....we have machinery in house that can make just about anything we may need to do the repair. Simple repairs, like a broken handle post are easily repairable and there are usually options, like a taller, or even wider knob, some customers even like to have the flat style knobs installed for better grip! We have come up with a method of welding the delicate Hardy cages (frames) when they become broken. Missing peices of the frame usually aren't an issue as we can machine a complete new part if need be, then weld and blend it back into place! Give us a call to see if we can help out your old favorite 1-604-855-1119 or by the Contact Us page.