No more Facebook

No more Facebook

Posted by Mike M. on 2020 Jan 27th

Hello all :)

I have been trying to debate this question for some time delete or not to delete. So, just like the title says I deleted both my personal and business Facebook accounts. Read on to find out why...

Reasons why I got rid of my personal account are many, but the basic reasons were to stop reading all the negative shit and hearing the same crap from the same people every day. That and I found it to be a huge waste of personal time. Since deleting (yes I deleted rather than put on hold as I'm a two-feet-at-the-same-time kinda guy) I have unearthed hours extra in a day it seems.

For the business page, it was hard to get to messages as it just didn't fit well with our other in-house systems. Then someone would turn into a keyboard warrior because we hadn't got back to them inside of an hour. I think we will be able to better serve customers just by respondng through our current systems of email and phone. Remember, we are not Google or Facebook but a small repair shop and not as 'techie' as they are lol.

After Facebook's Cambridge BS, that started the whole ball rolling for me. How about you?