Abu Wood Handle Kit - SILVER

Abu Wood Handle Kit - SILVER

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Now these have been really popular! Handle shank is a genuine Abu Garcia part originally from a C3, silver shank and the knobs are rosewood, lacquered for long lasting with gold anodized posts. Nice thing about these knobs is you can disassemble them to clean them! I hate having a piece of sand or dirt in my handle knob when I'm fishing.....always makes me feel like I don't take good care of my stuff! Each part in these handle knobs is available as a separate part, so if you were to ever wear one out (I've yet to do so) you can replace just that part. The screws in the knobs are stainless steel and the posts are anodized aluminum. Included in this kit is a chrome handle lock and screw, as well as a chrome handle nut, either left or right hand, you specify, for your reel. Handle will fit any standard Ambassadeur casting reel 6600 size and smaller. I guarantee you won't be disappointed with this purchase!

Update:  the knobs we use for these handles are now all gone.  The new knobs we're using are very similar, and all the parts are available separately as well. The knobs are laquered Rosewood with anodized posts and stainless screws. The shape of the new knobs are really close to the old ones.