Abu 7000 Single Bearing Idler Gear Kit

Abu 7000 Single Bearing Idler Gear Kit

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Made to order, usually about 3-5 days

Sorry we have discontinued these at this time until we can perfect them.

We have successfully added a bearing to the Ambassadeur 7000 series idler gear. This effectively increases idler speed giving you a longer, smoother cast. Custom machined in house, we have made these idler gears to fit 4x7x2.5mm bearings (supplied). Idler will fit a multitude of reels, including, but not limited to: Abu 7000 7001 7500 7000i 7000C3 7000iC3 7000 Syncro etc, etc.

To make these spin even better, the spindle bore has been machined oversize so only minimal surface is touching the spindle in the side plate. The stock idler had an integrated clip to hold it on the spindle...this system used friction to work....we did away with that idea and machined the 'clip' off. Instead, you will receive a 4490 c-clip which allows the gear to spin freely. Speed you can feel!

This kit includes: Idler gear machined for bearing, 1 stainless bearing (Ceramic available soon in options), 4490 c-clip in case you lose it or don't have one, and a nylon tuning washer.

**May come as white color or black color depending on stock rotation**