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Cannon 3394006 CONTROL BOARD (PCB), NEW MAG 10
Cannon 3394006 CONTROL BOARD (PCB), NEW MAG 10
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 Manufacturer      Model   Product Name   Price+   Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 3315  RD 3315 BAIL ASSEMBLY  $14.25USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT2229  BNT2229 LEVEL WIND PROTECTOR  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT2542  BNT2542 QUICK-FIRE II CLUTCH BUTTON  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 0674  RD 0674 BAIL  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 3657  RD 3657 PINION GEAR  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5224  RD 5224 IDLE GEAR  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5405  RD 5405 DRAG KNOB  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5538  RD 5538 ROTOR ASSEMBLY  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5550  RD 5550 BAIL ASSEMBLY  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5593  RD 5593 ROTOR ASSEMBLY  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5911  RD 5911 LINE ROLLER WASHER  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6162  RD 6162 BEARING WATERPROOF (B)  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6182  RD 6182 ANTI-REVERSE CAM  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6228  RD 6228 BEARING WATERPROOF (B)  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6514  RD 6514 MAIN SHAFT  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6523  RD 6523 WORM SHAFT  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TLD0147  TLD0147 WORM SHAFT  $14.26USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT1485  BNT1485 HANDLE ASSEMBLY -- SUB  $14.28USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT1994  BNT1994 HANDLE ASSEMBLY *On back order until Dec 25th 2013*  $14.28USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TLD0208  TLD0208 HANDLE  $14.42USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT0743  BNT0743 DRIVE SHAFT  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT0798  BNT0798 HANDLE ASSEMBLY  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT1717  BNT1717 CAST CONTROL CAP  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 0205  RD 0205 SIDE COVER  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 0878  RD 0878 SIDE COVER  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 1047  RD 1047 SIDE COVER  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 1055  RD 1055 SIDE COVER  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 2055  RD 2055 DRAG KNOB  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 3321  RD 3321 BAIL ARM  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 3322  RD 3322 BAIL SPRING COVER  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 4346  RD 4346 SIDE COVER  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 4769  RD 4769 WORM SHAFT  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5196  RD 5196 BAIL ASSEMBLY  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5504  RD 5504 SIDE COVER  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5558  RD 5558 BAIL ASSEMBLY  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5563  RD 5563 BAIL ASSEMBLY  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TGT0155  TGT0155 RIGHT SIDE PLATE  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TT 0056A  TT 0056A HARNESS LUG  $14.48USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TT 0803  TT 0803 Rod Clamp Bolt  $14.50USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT2309  BNT2309 CLUTCH BAR SUPPORT  $14.52USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT2322  BNT2322 CLUTCH BAR SUPPORT  $14.52USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5611  RD 5611 SIDE COVER  $14.52USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5617  RD 5617 SIDE COVER  $14.52USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6009  RD 6009 BEARING BUSHING  $14.52USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6047  RD 6047 IDLE GEAR  $14.52USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6948  RD 6948 MAIN SHAFT  $14.52USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TGT0391  TGT0391 BR"SETPLATE"  $14.52USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 1205  RD 1205 HANDLE ASSEMBLY  $14.61USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT2786  BNT2786 QUICK-FIRE II CLUTCH BAR  $14.70USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 0145  RD 0145 SIDE PLATE  $14.70USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 1784  RD 1784 BAIL ASSEMBLY  $14.70USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 2253  RD 2253 SIDE COVER  $14.70USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5177  RD 5177 Bail Assembly  $14.70USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5394  RD 5394 SIDE COVER  $14.70USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TT 0173  TT 0173 DRAG PLATE  $14.70USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TT 0245  TT 0245 DRAG PLATE  $14.70USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT2215  BNT2215 CLUTCH PAWL  $14.74USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT2316  BNT2316 CLUTCH BAR SUPPORT  $14.74USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 5968  RD 5968 BAITRUNNER TENSION DIAL  $14.74USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6301  RD 6301 BAIL ARM  $14.74USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6352  RD 6352 MAIN SHAFT  $14.74USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6538  RD 6538 BAIL ARM  $14.74USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 6974  RD 6974 FIGHTN' DRAG II LEVER  $14.74USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 7050  RD 7050 MAIN SHAFT ASSEMBLY  $14.74USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TT 0556  TT 0556 STAND  $14.74USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT0776  BNT0776 DRIVE SHAFT  $14.78USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT0790  BNT0790 DRIVE SHAFT  $14.78USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT2048  BNT2048 CAST CONTROL CAP & O-RING  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 7813  RD 7813 OIL CAP  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 7816  RD 7816 OSCILLATING SLIDER  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 7849  RD 7849 IDLE GEAR  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 7986  RD 7986 BAIL HOLD SUPPORT GUARD  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 8010  RD 8010 BAIL TRIP LEVER  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 8026  RD 8026 ROLLER CLUTCH WATER PROOF  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 8080  RD 8080 BAIL TRIP LEVER  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 8106  RD 8106 OSCILLATING SLIDER  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 8161  RD 8161 OIL CAP  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 8227  RD 8227 PROTECTOR SCREW (A)  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 8268  RD 8268 OIL CAP  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 8287  RD 8287 BEARING SUPPORT  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 8323  RD 8323 BEARING HOUSING  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 8610  RD 8610 IDLE GEAR (B)  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TGT0614  TGT0614 LEFT SIDE PLATE  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TT 0665  TT 0665 HARNESS LUG  $14.87USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT0344  BNT0344 PRESSURE PLATE  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT1951  BNT1951 STAND  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT1966  BNT1966 STAND  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 1344  RD 1344 SIDE COVER  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 1350  RD 1350 SIDE COVER  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 3080  RD 3080 SIDE COVER  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 3690  RD 3690 PINION GEAR  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 4447  RD 4447 SIDE COVER  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 4452  RD 4452 SIDE COVER  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   RD 4721  RD 4721 IDLE GEAR  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TLD0158  TLD0158 WORM SHAFT  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   TT 0031A  TT 0031A PRE PROGRAM KEY  $14.92USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT 3469  BNT 3469 CLUTCH BAR SET  $14.95USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT0231  BNT0231 WORM SHAFT  $14.95USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT1213  BNT1213 DRIVE GEAR  $14.95USD  Buy Now 
 Shimano   BNT2909  BNT2909 PINION GEAR (A)  $14.95USD  Buy Now 
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01.CERAMIC Pawl for Abu, Repl. PN#5176
02.5176 LINE PAWL 4000-10,000
04.Abu Dual Bearing Worm Kit 4000 - 6000
06.20090 AXLE CLIP 89-0
08.BNT0042 LINE GUIDE PAWL (Replace with TGT0520)
10.20211 WHITE BRAKE BLOCK, Each
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3 pc. Brush Set
3 pc. Brush Set
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Abu Carbon Fiber Ball Bearing Handle Kit --
A real quality product,very well made & perfect fit ..
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